Government Sector Information

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Human resource compensation consulting for government
agencies and organizations who want to review or re-design
pay programs such as base compensation programs.

Salaries that attract competent and skilled employees.
Performance pay programs that create employee motivation
to achieve organizational goals. 

Job evaluation and alternative reward programs such as gain
sharing or goal sharing that pay employees for meeting
specific performance objectives.

Government Sector Services

Higher Education Information

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Human resource compensation consulting for institutions of higher education designed to establish and maintain a competitive pay system that rewards employees and faculty for performance and experience in their field in a fair and objective fashion.

Salaries that attract competent and skilled staff and faculty and performance pay programs that create employee motivation to achieve organizational goals.

Higher Education Services

Our Experience

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Fox Lawson & Associates, a division of Gallagher
Benefit Services, Inc has more than 25 years of
experience with human resources development
and employee compensation for government and
private companies of every industry and size.

Business ideas you can trust, advice you can use.

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Qualified Professionals

Business ideas you can trust, advice you can use.  Fox Lawson & AssociatesLegal InformationPrivacy...

Our Story

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