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Given either a minimum, midpoint or maximum, and a range spread (RS), the two remaining figures may be calculated by producing a factor from the formulas in the following table and multiplying by the known quantity.

To find: Minimum Midpoint Maximum

If known figure is:
Minimum   ((2+RS)/2) (1+RS)
Midpoint (2/(2+RS))   ((2+(2*RS))/(2+RS))
Maximum (1/(1+RS)) ((2+RS)/((2+(2*RS))))  

For example: If a given maximum salary is $1,500 and the desired range spread is 40%, then the midpoint salary may be found by selecting the appropriate factor formula from the table, then inserting the range spread (RS) of 40%, and multiplying by the salary of $1,500:

((2+.40)/((2+(2*.40))))*$1,500, or

(2.4/2.8)*$1,500 = $1,286


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