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About FLA

Our government services division is the successor firm to Ernst & Young LLP's public sector compensation and human resources consulting practice. We provide compensation and human resource consulting services from our Minneapolis area and Phoenix offices. We serve clients nationally. The partners of the firm have worked together and were responsible for all public sector engagements of Ernst & Young's Compensation & Human Resources Consulting practice for the 13 years prior to forming Fox Lawson & Associates, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc in 1995.

Our staff has been instrumental in developing job evaluation methodologies to better meet our clients needs in today's environment. Because no single method of job evaluation fits the needs of all clients, we offer a "family" of methods including the Decision Band TM Method; Flex/ Point TM, a point factor plan; and JFACSTM, an automated system. Our two partners have jointly conducted over 500 compensation studies for various universities, colleges, school districts, cities, counties, states or governmental units over the past five years.


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