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Human Rsource Outsourcing

We help organizations develop compensation plans that support their strategy.

Performance appraisals and evaluations, executive compensation studies, job evaluations and information on salary ranges.

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human resource compensation consulting

Human resource compensation consulting for government agencies and organizations who want to review or re-design pay programs such as base compensation programs. Salaries that attract competent and skilled employees. Performance pay programs that create employee motivation to achieve organizational goals. Job evaluation and alternative reward programs such as gainsharing or goal sharing that pay employees for meeting specific performance objectives.

executive compensation consulting

Executive compensation consulting for companies and corporations who want to review or re-design pay programs such as salary comparison programs. Salaries that attract competent and skilled employees. Performance appraisal and bonus programs that motivate employees to achieve business goals. Stock options or phantom share programs that retain employees and executives for long term contributions to company growth.

employee compensation for government and companies

Fox Lawson & Associates, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc has 20 years of experience with human resources development and employee compensation for government and companies of every industry and size. Business ideas and advice you can trust.

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1001 Ways to Reward Employees
By Bob Nelson
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Watch our short introductory video which provides an overview of our firm and the services that we provide.

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Justifying Government Compensation Levels


Question: In a recent CompDoctor™ you said that some public agencies are successfully moving to pay for performance systems. You also said that the shift ...

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